Are Fidgit Blankets just for dementia loved ones?
Not at all! While our story started out to provide a resource for Alzheimer’s and dementia loved ones, these blankets are helpful in many situations. Fidgit Blankets can provide comfort and interaction for those with TBIs, strokes, sensory disorders, anxiety disorders, and even those on hospice.
Are these blankets just for adults?
Children with sensory disorders such as Autism enjoy our Fidgit Blankets too! There are many interesting textures and objects which can help with fine motor skills. And of course the soothing textures can provide a type of sensory therapy when they feel anxious. Please keep in mind that there can be choking hazards on the blankets such as buttons and beads which may be inappropriate for small children.
Can I customize a blanket that I see on Etsy or Amazon Handmade?
All the blankets posted are completed. But if there is a blanket that you love and want customized, please contact us! We can create a blanket similar in color scheme and/or items. While it won’t be an exact replica since we up-cycle some of our materials and they may no longer be available, it will come very close. Contact us through our Contact page for more information and order a customized blanket through either Etsy or Amazon Handmade.
How can I see more about how the blankets are made?
Check out our social media, especially Instagram, to see behind the scenes pictures and information as well as sneak peeks of upcoming blankets.